Biology Games PDF Download For Children

Biology topics such as Live healthy eat healthy, human bones with names, Immune System Basics, Chloroplast Label, DNA Structure Label, Protein Amino Acid, Human Cell Structure, Biology of Genetics, What Mitochondria Does, are dealt with in this biology game page, where worksheets are presented in the form of games that students in grade 3, grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6 will be able to print out and solve questions. Tearchers will find these resources very useful as they might be used to support classroom teaching and exercises.

animal cell worksheet pdf

Diagram of an animal cell

Learn difference between a plant and animal cell with this worksheet.


What is a cell division

What's cell division. Lean how the division process of cells happens in this worksheet


Cell Functions And Organelles

Cell structures and functions worksheet. You learn about cells here

cell-nucleus worksheet pdf

Functions of the cell nucleus

Printable worksheet on cell nucleus functions. Learn the parts of the cell nucleus here 

cell nucleus true or false question ans answer game

Cells Dividing True Or False 

True or false game on nucleus true or false Q A printable worksheet for children

which muscles flex the knee worksheet

Muscles in the knee

Would you like to know which muscles flex the knee ? Print out this worksheet

cells of the human body worksheet

Human Cells Types

Understand what is human cell by printing out this worksheet and play with your friends 

why vitamins are important

Why vitamins are important 

Understand why vitamins are important. learn about some vitamines you should take    

what is the benefits of b12 vitamins

Benefits Of   Vitamins 

what is the benefits of b12 vitamins,  Try this to learn more about vitamins

cell worksheet multiple choice questions.

Human cells biology

Circle the right answer to the following statements to describe human cells.

lipids panel worksheet

Human cells biology

Circle the right answer to the following statements to describe human cells.

carbohydrate daily intake worksheet

Carbohydrate Per Day   

Would you like to know the carbohydrate daily intake ? Try this activity

genotype blood, phenotype to genotype

Phenotype to genotype;

Practice how to do phenotype screening and phenotype to genotype

enzymes of the stomach worksheet

What Are Enzymes Biology ?

This worksheet features activities on enzymes,practice and learn more.

biology of genetics worksheet

Biology of genetics 

This worksheet features genetics puzzle game print out the PDF to play .   

course of food and nutrition

Course of food and nutrition

This worksheet is realted to the course of food and nutrition to young learners

earn about your body parts here

Guess the body parts   

Learn about body parts with this word scramble worksheet on body parts

cell immune system worksheet

Immune Syteme basics

What is the immune system ? How to boost your immune system ? 

Transcripts in genetics worksheet

Transcripts in genetics

What is genetics? Answer genetics related questions in this worksheet  

learn what mitochondria does  in this worksheet

What mitochondria does

Let's see what mithocondria does. What facts on mitochondria      

what do the ribosomes do ?

What Ribosomes do 

Let's find out the structure of ribosomes to see what do the ribosomes do  

human bones with names worksheet

Human bones with names

This is a human bones with names words scramble workshee. Print and play       

what is the function of a chloroplast

Chloroplast Label

What is the function of a chloroplast. Try this worksheet to understand 


the human cell structure worksheet

The human cell structure

Print out this human cell structure worksheet and match the iamges     

Healthy to eat worksheet pdf

Healthy to eat 

Worksheet on healthy eat Food, just as in  live healthy eat healthy     

live healthy , eat healthy  worksheet for kids

live healthy eat healthy  

Worksheet about healthy eat plan to loss weight. Whats your favorite

chromosomes xyy

Chromosomes 46

Worksheet on chromosomes 46, How chromosomes is made up

chromosomes xyy

Mendel's genetics test

Worksheet on Mendel's heredity theory.   Practice heredity with this game

protein amino acid worksheet

Protein amino acid

This worksheet will tell you a bit more about protein amino acids 

explain the dna structure worksheet

DNA structure label

Explain the dna structure, Learn the structure of DNA here 

how enzymes are made worksheet

How enzymes are made

Try this worksheet to understand how enzymes are made in the body

baldness heredity, heredity patterns

Hereditary genetics

Is baldness part of herditary genetics ? Learn heredity   here.


The Diagram of an Animal Cell worksheet comes equipped with figures and comprehensive drawings for both animal and plant cells.These detailed drawings will help children from classes 1 to 7 understand and differentiate the plant and animal cells easily, making up a good base for their education in biology. What is a Cell Division starts the basics of cell anatomy and explains the process of cell division. Because the worksheet is simple and easy to understand and solve, children can read through True and False statements, then answer them according to their prior learning. With the Cell Functions and Organelles Worksheet, children benefit from diagrams and explanations about cell structures and functions. With a combination of True and False answers and Multiple Choice Questions, they can understand which concepts are right and which ones are not.

The Muscles in the Knee sheet challenges a child’s knowledge and spellings of the different muscles as their names are jumbled up, which means they have to unscramble them before they label them on the diagram. With a combination of cells and human anatomy, the Human Cells Types makes evolves both lessons further. With different parts of the anatomy selected, children will have to understand cells and the different ones present in the human body to solve this one. Another integral part of biology is studying vitamins and what health benefits they offer. Children can go through and solve the Why Vitamins are Important sheet and discover the answers themselves. Since it is an easy-to-solve and understands worksheet, they can have fun while doing so instead of getting overwhelmed. Additionally, the Benefits of Vitamins also help them get a firmer grasp on the knowledge of vitamins.

 With their basics understood, this worksheet helps children by gently testing their understanding of what vitamins do and why they are important. Human Cells Biology focuses on the structure of the cells and questions aimed to help students figure them out with clear instructions. The printable worksheet will guarantee that students can figure out the right answer from the different options given. Moving on to nutrition and how balanced meals help keep us healthy, children can learn more about what to eat with the Carbohydrate Per Day worksheet. Here, they can understand more about high and low-fat carbohydrates, as well as which ones are simple or complex. Students can also access worksheets that help with genetics.

 The Phenotype to Genotype printable sheet is designed to instill the lessons taught to children better. Since it is a simple level of questions, presented with options for answers, students can take their time and understand better. The What are Enzymes features practice and activities on paper that are centered around enzymes. Simplifying the slightly challenging biology lesson makes it easier for a student to understand what is being taught. And with a fun theme, it doesn’t feel like work, at all. With the Biology of Genetics, children can benefit from a puzzle game that helps them understand the genetic build-up of the human, animal, and plant cellular anatomy. All they need to do is to figure out the puzzle to understand their correlating lesson. The worksheet Course of Food and Nutrition is another great concept that children learn in their biology class. 

Since the work is simple to understand with multiple types of questions aimed at testing student knowledge without becoming monotonous. Guess the Body Parts is an excellent way for younger students to learn about human anatomy. By understanding the names and knowing what they look like, they can make future lessons and concepts easier. As the title states, the Immune System Basics worksheet will introduce the lessons about immunity within the human body. The instructions are simple and the base concepts are easily instilled within the students with easy questions and choices of their answers. The Transcripts in Genetics is a slightly advanced worksheet, aimed at students who have already understood and grasped the concepts of genetic biology. This worksheet will strengthen those concepts with practice so that they can have a more comprehensive grasp.

 Mitochondria is another advanced subject for many biology beginners, but with the right worksheet, even that lesson becomes easier. Once children solve the What Mitochondria Does printable sheet, they are presented with an easy but important concept. Learning is easier with simple and effective worksheets. Another important element of cellular biology are the Ribosomes and learning about them with the What Ribosomes Do printable worksheet is exceptionally easy. Children can learn and figure out the function of Ribosomes and their importance in the anatomy of cells. The Human Bones with Names worksheet is a great way to figure out and discuss the skeletal system of a human being. Learning the right names for the bones with creative, printable worksheets is the perfect way to learn. And with fun activities such as unscrambling the words to create and label the skeleton, it is more fun, too.

 The Chloroplast Label worksheets are excellent for practicing plant cell biology. With given options and blank spaces pointing to various areas of the cell, children can refresh their knowledge about cellular anatomy by correctly recognizing and labeling the different parts. Human Cell Structure worksheets help students practice their lessons about the build-up of a human cell. With pictures of the different cells within the human body and options of answers, linking them together is a great exercise. Healthy to Eat worksheets once more focus on food and nutrition, a crucial component of biology that contributes to a student’s health. After understanding what fats, proteins, sugar, and carbohydrates do, recognizing the different forms they come in is the next step for students.

 This printable worksheet lets children understand the basic food groups without becoming overwhelmed. Live Healthy Eat Healthy worksheets emphasize on the names and recognition of various foods. These colorful sheets come with different healthy foods that children can incorporate into their diet and understand the difference between unhealthy and healthy food. The Chromosomes 46 worksheet will work on biology students’ knowledge about chromosomes and their importance. Since it is a slightly difficult aspect of biology, worksheets that focus on this science only help advance the familiarity with chromosome structure and function. With Mendel’s Genetics Test, students can work on and practice the hereditary theory with a nice activity. The worksheet makes a game of it, so students have fun while learning about genetics. 

The Protein Amino Acid will give students easy to solve puzzles on the worksheet. Since it’s pretty simple and the questions are presented with multiple options, the practice will go smoothly. Understanding more about DNA structure with a printable worksheet will let students learn about DNA effectively. Once students print and solve the DNA Structure Label sheet, they will promote a better grasp of the concept and make it easier for themselves. How Enzymes are Made is one of the introductory worksheets available for downloading and printing. This worksheet explains and tests the student on how enzymes are made in the body and how they work. Hereditary Genetics explains how various genes are transferred from parent to child. This is very exhilarating as it answers a lot of questions that students might have.